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Willys Jeep on Farm as Tractor & Plow Video

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I saw this video for the first time yesterday. Near the end of it there are several jeeps featured doing non-farm chores. I’ve taken a few screen shots of them and added them below. The most interesting one to me is the red one with the extended rear (pic with guys carrying the washing machine).

We’ve run across these extended rears like this on a few jeeps over the years, but this is the earliest evidence of them that I have seen. The one on the back of the red jeep looks like to me like it was professionally made, leading me to wonder if it was a purchasable product.

stills-from-farm-as-tractor-video1 stills-from-farm-as-tractor-video2 stills-from-farm-as-tractor-video3


8 Comments on “Willys Jeep on Farm as Tractor & Plow Video

  1. Barry Thomas

    Newgren sold a body extension. So did other companies, in some cases as part of enclosure packages. The 1947 Special Equipment Parts Book has the Newgren ad and a number listing for enclosures showing cabs and body extension, that seemed to have been sold as a package.

    If you don’t have access to the individual Special (Optional) Equipment books, there are combined-years reproductions available. They are a little pricey, but a great reference and fun reading. You can find them on e-Bay.

  2. MATT

    I’m not even done watching this and it’s awesome! Damn-near same color red on my rig too! Almost looks like just a hydraulic cylinder mounted directly on the draw-bar in place of the standard 3pt lift (Newgren, Love, Monroe etc.) I’ll have to watch this a few times.. I have the bed-extender and the rear-mounted PTO now all I need is the 3pt parts… Top-Ramen here I come!!.

    Excellent post.

  3. Bob

    Looks like maybe it’s running off a Hy-Lo Jeep pump? The lever looks to have a rod going forward. This does look like a pretty simple lift set up.

  4. Barry Thomas

    I don’t believe Newgren made anything but slide-in extensions. But I’ve been wrong about these things before. Fun find. Good eyes and something else to look for.

  5. Mike

    This is great vintage film footage of Willys Jeeps in action. I assume this was originally intended as short shot promotional films. The one Jeep that caught my attention was the 2A with the tow boom and hand crank. I always wanted to do that for one of my Jeeps and make it a quickly removable unit.

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