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Jeep Specialized Vehicles and Equipment Brochure **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. It is 28 pages I believe.

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4 Comments on “Jeep Specialized Vehicles and Equipment Brochure **SOLD**

  1. MATT

    That’s cool.. And the condition looks pretty dang good as well. Pages are white and clean, corners are great, some wear on the spine but overall, somebody needs to grab this. (I also collect comics and condition is everything.)

  2. Denny

    The “all-steel cab” they picture in the brochure looks like the Koenig cab on my CJ3b. Were these dealer-installed or could you get such a cab installed at the factory?


  3. Wavy Gravy

    already have this issue … I collect comics too … I bought the 1st two ZAP COMIX on HAIGHT STREET , 1968 ? — from DANA CRUMB , R CRUMBS wife — they were so controversial , she sold them out of a covered baby carriage — very valuable now , if they are the 1st or 2nd printing , oh and good condition — later had a commune in MENDOCINO COUNTY , CAL and guess who lived across the street ? — WORLD FAMOUS DEAN OF UNDERGROUND COMIC ARTISTS — R CRUMB !!

  4. Mike

    Wavy, have 2 of these Zap comics given to me by an old girlfriend back in the 70’s, they were outrageous then, but acceptable, today, considered politically incorrect. I still value then, just keep then hidden.

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