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1951 Holden-Modified Wagon Haag, Austria eBay

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Mike shared this unusual wagon that was supposed to be one of seven modified for use by the US military in Austria (I thought Holden modified wagons in Australia??).

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“Extremely rare version from the production in the Holden plant Australia. It was only 7 pieces produced !!! Please compare that you have Google images, they will not be found.
Special attention to the moldings and door buckles. 100% rarity with rarity value, value increase etc. etc. 89,200 KM

The vehicle is from military use of the US Army in Austria during the occupation and was one of the oldest military vehicles of the Austrian. Society of the Red Cross in 1951 in Austria.”

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1951-wagon-holden-austria6 1951-wagon-holden-austria7 1951-wagon-holden-austria8 1951-wagon-holden-austria9


3 Comments on “1951 Holden-Modified Wagon Haag, Austria eBay

  1. CraigInPA

    1 door on the driver’s side, 2 on the passenger side, and unusual barn doors on the rear. Very cool, but the $31k price is just out of this world, even if there were only 7 of these built.

  2. John North Willys

    W=E=I=R=D — it has the same speedo as my 51 sedan delivery — ( 3rd one made that year ) — I assume this is a F-4 134 ???

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