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1987 Encore Houston, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000

“Up for sale is a military Jeep M151 Mutt A2 in good, running condition. Only just a little over 32k miles. All parts are original. Good floor with no rust. Some extra parts included.”



8 Comments on “1987 Encore Houston, TX **SOLD**

  1. Bill F

    That is not an original m151. It was made by Encore or one of the other companies that made reproduction m151’s using original parts. You can tell by the body lines and the front fenders. They dont look 100% like an original.

  2. Luis in South Texas

    Bill is right, Encore. Not bad looking but not the real deal, misrepresented or possible the seller doesn’t know.

  3. Lee Street

    I’ve owned an encore, it’s not the real deal, it a clone that is made in North Carolina. I like to never have sold it. LOL caught a lot of flak because it wasn’t a real 151. But just for a run around the vehicle, they are as good and old CJ-5 if they have the updated back A2 suspension.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I figured that if are having fun driving a vehicle, then it matters not whether it is the real deal or not 🙂 … Just enjoy it!

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