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Wooden “Red Cross” Jeep in France on eBay

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Anyone familiar with these. This is also listed here.

View ll the information on eBay

“Jeep Red Cross Wooden Tole Toy Western Front 1945 Jeep “Red Cross” in wood and tole made by US Army for the french kids to the Libération of France. 2 wheels are missing included spare wheel, the front axle was replaced. 8 5/8″ length, 4″ width, 4 3/8″ height.”







One comment on “Wooden “Red Cross” Jeep in France on eBay

  1. TJ

    This closely resembles cars the people made in the US Virgin Islands, circa 1965-1967 when we lived there. Lots were made using the tin from square food cans, and wood. Only major variation was that they were designed to be “driven> There was a little socket to push it with a stick, and the front axle pivoted on a nail, with a string on either end of the axle.

    Then the child would push the vehicle with the stick, and steer it by using the string with the other hand, resting on top of the stick hand. They usually didn’t have rubber wheels, so often they used a small round tin can with the center cut out, and the two halves forced together, and a nail through the center.

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