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Austin-Craft Wood Model Kit on eBay

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Shipping’s free on this jeep model.

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“This an Original, “U.S. Army 1/4 Ton Jeep” Kit, Produced by the Master Craftsmen of Austin-Craft Company of Burbank, California, Circa 1940’s or so. I BELIEVE this kit to be complete, but I have not done a parts check and I make no guarantees. So, I am selling this kit based ENTIRELY on the photos, so please look them over closely. The box is very nice, as is the instruction sheet.”





7 Comments on “Austin-Craft Wood Model Kit on eBay

  1. mike Finegan

    This brings back memories, (what else is new Mike) Uncle JJoe had a balsa wood Jeepster kit that he kept in his desk drawer, he never assembled it. As a kid in the 1950’s, I always wanted it, Unc never gave it up, wish I had it today, came in a yellow & black box much like a featured Jeepster color of that era.

  2. Paul Biddle

    My Uncle, Clarence Shook, helped design the transfer case for the Willy’s. He also founded Rancho Supply 4WD products. I worked there in the 70’s. I acutally just picked up some Austin-Craft models, including a Willy’s Jeep!

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Did your uncle help design the original transfer case or the later model transfer cases? If it’s the original one, I’d love to get any stories about the development you might have.


    – Dave

  4. Bradley Austin

    Walter Austin started Austin craft they also made parts for Walt Disney a friend of his

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Bradley,

    Thanks for that information. I don’t know much about the Austin Craft Company.

    – Dave

  6. JohnB

    I checked on a model kit history site.
    They do list the Austin Craft kits, but unusually, they don’t give an exact date of initial release, just giving “194X”.

    They also list 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 ton trucks.

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