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The “Jeepers” Posters Have Arrived & More Updates

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UPDATE: I’ve sold out of posters. 

Yesterday, the Jeepers posters arrived. They turned out better than the original image.


I would have had most of the posters in the mail yesterday, but instead I spent the day cleaning up the garage. The garage has been a mess ever since Ann’s mother decided to hold her annual Halloween bash, one that includes animatronics, pumpkins, bats, furniture, specially made walls, etc, etc.

Ann and I BOTH urged her not to hold it this year, as we had more pressing health issues, but Ann’s mother (how has her own set of health issues) refused to listen to us and held it anyway. Once Halloween was over (we were in Seattle that night), Instead of cleaning up after Halloween, her mother got sick with a severe bowel blockage. She struggled for several days, throwing up all over. Eventually, we forced her to go to the hospital (she nearly died, because she refused to go to the hospital … Ann had to lie to her, telling the doctor ordered her to go to the hospital to get her cooperation).

On exactly that same day, my dad had a ‘mild’ heart attack, forcing him to the hospital. On top of those two issues, Ann is trying to do as little as possible as we wait for an upcoming surgery near the end of November.

So, this first part of the month has been crazy. Ann’s mother was released on Tuesday night, but needs our help more than ever. Dad was also released from the hospital, but his blood pressure continues to be low; He has also let it be known that he refuses to go through any more surgeries. I can’t really blame him at this point.


11 Comments on “The “Jeepers” Posters Have Arrived & More Updates

  1. T. Dreiling

    The poster looks great and please, no hurry to get it shipped here. Very sorry to hear about your family issues…hard to understand sometimes why one family gets clobbered with so much at once. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Tim D

  2. Mom

    Cute poster. I am surprised you got so much info in such a small space. But you did forget I am supposed to have hip replacement. Of course, my life isnt in jeopardy like others in our families. 🙂

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mom … I figured you are a couple months in the future, which seems like an eternity! 🙂

  4. Colin Peabody

    Dang Dave, when it rains, it pours! WE hope everyone recuperates as much as possible. All of this happening around the holidays sure doesn’t help the holiday spirit, does it? Our last two holiday seasons were not good and now after nearly one year since losing our son, the holidays won’t be quite as sad, but not like they used to be. Our wishes for your entire family are to regain their health.

  5. T. Dreiling

    Dave, the poster arrived today, safe and sound. Beautifully done….! Thanks for taking the time to make these availible.

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