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1975 DJ-5 Wall Township, NJ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5900.

Tony has this lefthand drive DJ-5 with a postal theme for sale.





“Selling some of my toys. While it is painted to look like a mail Jeep, it is not and was not used as postal vehicle. It is a LEFT hand drive model, not a right hand vehicle as all mail Jeeps were. I have had a few of these DJ5’s (DJ stands for Delivery Jeep, not a CJ which stands for Civilian Jeep) in the past and this is by far in the best condition. There was an extensive restoration done on this a few years ago by a previous owner and it looks great. It’s 43 year old driver. It has a 232 AMC 6 cal engine with a 3 speed automatic transmission. Manual steering and brakes but it steers and stops easily. All of these DJ5 models are 2 wheel drive, not 4wd. Some new and extra parts. I bought it this spring to play around for the summer and now it’s time for it to be enjoyed by someone else. Give me a call to learn more. I’m looking to sell it, not give it away”


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