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1956 DJ-3A West Haven, CT eBay


UPDATE: Back on eBay. Starting bid is $1300

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“First year Dj3 in outstanding original condition. Jeep currently runs and idles very well. Jeep does have its cosmetic issues and some rot here and there as evident in the photos. The Fuel tank and lines will need cleaning and possible internal coating of tank (I have it running on a test tank). Motor runs very well with no signs of issues. Radiator holds and cycles coolant. Brakes will need attention.

The body is very solid. The original fiberglass top is in great shape.

Very close inspection after much insight given by those whom have DJ-3A`s of their own has revealed that the frame is most likely that of a CJ-2A.  From information given to me and very careful cleaning of the upper frame area located in front of the body gusset on the right side of the jeep….there is no number stamped in the frame that I can see to denote it is a matched frame and body..”

1956-dj3a-westhaven-ct03 1956-dj3a-westhaven-ct02 1956-dj3a-westhaven-ct01

1956-dj3a-westhaven-ct2 1956-dj3a-westhaven-ct3 1956-dj3a-westhaven-ct4



19 Comments on “1956 DJ-3A West Haven, CT eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, I thought I read somewhere that the DJ models were created so the company could use up older style bodies and parts. Is that true?
    And would you say the majority of DJ’s around today have been converted to 4 wheel drive by previous owners?

  2. David

    He didn’t own it long enough to take it off the trailer before listing it for sale.
    The description is probably from the person who sold it to him.
    Obviously knows nothing about DJ’s.
    I like seeing ones like this. It makes mine worth more.

  3. Glennstin

    The 4X4 conversion was essentially a “Bolt – In”, frequently done by removing the existing floor plates and adding the diffs and transfer where the 2WD components lay still using the original frame. We have several such conversions listed in our DJ3A Production / Survivor List. This owner does not have the sliding doors. The S/N is about half way thru 1956 production of 2510 units. He has no title, only a CT. transfer registration.

  4. Peter

    So let me chime in on this, seeing its my DJ for sale… I just added to the description correcting the info. A friendly email would have sufficed so I could confirm & correct the listing. And no….I pulled the jeep out of a barn in CT two years ago. Glad your jeep is worth more cause another “expert” gave me bad info. And as stated in the description it comes with a Bill of sale from the last registered owner.

  5. Mike

    Peter, glad to hear from an actual owner setting the record straight. Thanks for the time effort.

  6. Colin Peabody

    The radiator is a CJ2A radiator. DJ3As used the same radiator as the CJ3A . Maybe the transmission, transfer case, springs and both axles came from a CJ2A as well. As Glenn mentioned, the conversion to 4WD is relatively simple. It appears there is a metal plate welded to the rear cross member to strengthen it since there is no bracing for the rear drawbar as the gas tank is in the way.

    You can tell this is an early dispatcher hardtop body as the door openings in the body are still like the CJs, not cut at an angle down to the floor like the later 57 through 64 models.

  7. Peter

    I very much appreciate the advice and knowledge of those that know more than me pertaining to a vehicle. (especially correct info). I will be pulling the DJ back out to look over the frame etc again.

  8. Luis

    David, this jeep has the early jeeps and cj2a bumper gussets, I could be wrong but hadn’t Willy’s done away with them with the introduction of the 3a, leading me to think this is a 2a with a dj body on it.🤔 Thanks

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Luis: Excellent point. The gussets suggest this is a DJ-3A body on a CJ-2A chassis.

    Peter: I apologize for the tone. I was tired when I wrote this and sometimes I’m a little sensitive about the DJ-3As, as I feel I’m constantly having to explain this little-known vehicle to folks (especially on Facebook). I have sent emails in the past to sellers, but unfortunately mostly that results in no return emails, no thanks, and no update to the ebay ads. I’d be happy to give you any help I can. Feel free to email me at

    Steve: I don’t have any specific info that indicates DJs were invented to use up body parts. My feeling is that this is untrue, as the DJ bodies differed from the standard CJ-3A bodies. If they were that concerned about using up parts left over from 3As, I think they could have used many of the body parts on the CJ-3Bs.

  10. Glennstin

    The use of “Off the shelf parts” in the DJ3A was just a cost saving measure. Willys didn’t waste anything. That Willys Aero car had cost them a bunch and didn’t sell well when Kaiser took over in 1953. Thus all the wheel well parts were laying around. Those brake parts, wheels etc. were right there for the pickin’. The DJ3A body tools and dies were already there. (CJ3A production ended in 1953) The R&D was very low to produce a light delivery vehicle and Kaiser folks saw a market where they didn’t have a product in their lineup. We’ve learned a bunch about the DJ3A while doing our DJ3A Production / Survivor List since 2012 even though Willys didn’t give us much info.

  11. Peter

    Anybody that is interested in this DJ please note that I have added to the description on the ebay listing. Thanks for the info everyone. I would want anyone that is considering this Jeep to be aware that it is a combination of DJ & CJ2 components. For the record I purchased this jeep as well as others from the same owner whom had them for years sitting in and around a barn. Two 3b`s (one with Military data plates), one Agri with PTO, this DJ combination, and the rest just confirmed 100% to be CJ2’s. I had hoped to find the matching frame out of the bunch but no go. I`m also going to see if the guy I purchased them from has it still (long shot but you never know…)
    My primary interest is military models but seeing all those jeeps sitting there weathering in the New England climate got me. So I packed them into storage in the meantime.

    So I suppose the present state of this Jeep I listed can be restored as is with 4×4 or if anyone has a good early DJ frame in need of a early original body here it is.

  12. Mike

    Just curious, are the the side and back doors included? Back in the 1960’s, this was a popular swap for CJ2A- 3A Jeeps. Used, Two wheel drive Dispatchers had little value, you almost had to give them away, so this swap was a great way to fix that old rusted rotted CJ2A. I still remember a guy in my neighborhood, Roosevelt Ave. in Clifton, NJ did this swap on his front lawn.

  13. Glennstin

    This supposedly sold for $1075 but the winning bidder had “0 Feedback” which the seller allowed. I doubt he will ever see any money, but eBay allows this to go on. There was nice bidding on this item and I hope the seller can negotiate a deal that can be completed. Good luck Peter, you tried, and thanks for keeping us in the loop. You added much to our week on eWillys.

  14. Dale Heizer

    Wow it must be nice to be an idiot jeep servaunt. A few simple statements would be kinder then tearing this guy’s jeep apart just to show how smart you think you are. Congrats on being so frigging smart. I really enjoyed.this

  15. mike Finegan

    After seeing this Dispatcher relisted on Ebay, I was dreaming about it last night. As the dream went, a 1970 Ford F350 Holmes tow truck towed it into my driveway, actually two Dispatchers, one complete as in the listing and one without a nose. I feel like a little kid again when I see these old Jeep vehicles for sale, so many fast food establishments used these Dispatchers for home delivery back in the 1960’s, just bring joy to my life, what can I say. I wish I could afford to buy and restore them all, start a Willys Jeep museum, aah, if only I were a rich man, and 40 years younger.

  16. Charles Tate

    Picture #5 is my favorite. Maybe the best picture I’ve ever seen for documentation purposes of original 1956 DJ3A passenger side seat brackets with the wooden blocks still intact. Later model DJ’s used a much different bracket.

    Thanks to SteveK for specifically pointing out that image so that I could save it for my files.

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