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Vietnamese M-38/CJ-3A Video

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Carl shared the video of what looks to be an M-38 that has multiple mods, including a CJ-3A windshield and an after market dash gauge. However, the body does not have a battery box lid, suggesting it is an after market body. The flat rear wheel wells also raise questions.


2 Comments on “Vietnamese M-38/CJ-3A Video

  1. Mike

    This is an interesting video, I assume those are bags of rice, don’t look too hevy when lifted off the Jeep. I’m wondering how long this Willys has been in Vietman, before the war, or brought over as part of the war effort, maybe even before the Americans fought the war. Which brings up the question, Was Willys or a Kaiser Willys export Co. have a agreement to sell Jeeps in Vietnam?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I think it would have been Willys-Overland selling overseas until Willys Export company took over international sales following the merger with Kaiser. That’s my guess.

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