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Movie: Welcome To Marwen

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A toy jeep plays a staring role (at least in the movie trailer) in “Welcome to Marwen”, based on  a true story of a man named Mark Hogancamp. Mark was robbed and badly beaten one night. Over time, he coped with his post-life beating by building a the imaginary Second World War Belgian town called Marwencol. You can read much more about his true life story here:


3 Comments on “Movie: Welcome To Marwen

  1. Shane Miller

    The story is incredible. It’s based on a documentary called Marwencol. I can’t speak to the movie adaptation, but do yourself a favor and watch the documentary.

  2. Steve E.

    That’s definitely a creative way to present a movie. I hope it isn’t hokey like Toy Story. And I hope it doesn’t twist how the youngsters see history, good guys vs. bad guys. History needs to show both perspectives and that there were two enemies. One side just prevailed. History needs to show the reasons one side was evil, not just “Hooray the bad guys are dead.” Kids need to know how bad things would be if the other side won. They need to appreciate what they have and what it cost. Happy Pearl Harbor Day,
    **Steve E.**

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