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1943 Video “Role of the Jeep”

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Some of these clips form this four-plus minute 1943 movie are familiar, but the video also offer a wide range of clips I hadn’t seen (that I can remember). There are Bantams BRC-60s, BRC-40s, Ford GPs, Slat Grill MBs, Ford GPAs, and MBs/GPWs.



6 Comments on “1943 Video “Role of the Jeep”

  1. Mike

    Keep moving at 70 miles an hour, oh come on now, you expect anyone to believe that. I had to reply that twice just to be sure I heard it correctly. I guess even back then there was “FAKE NEWS”.

  2. SteveK

    It was possibly narrated by the poor guy hanging on in the rear seat for dear life as it must’ve “felt like it was at 70MPH”… 🙂

  3. Joseph G

    How about the soldier at the 00:56 mark who is wearing his earphones on his steel pot? What the heck is he listening to?

  4. Gliii

    The 70 mph is Fake news. Back then it was called propaganda. I’ve seen several of these type of newsreels, mainly overstating the performance of aircraft. Especially those that were in service before the war began.

  5. CraigInPa

    I thought it kind of humorous that MacArthur had the good sense to ride in the front passenger seat, yet King George and Princess Elizabeth chose to sit in the very uncomfortable back seat.

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