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1956 CJ-5 Ad

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UPDATE: I mistakenly listed this as a 1954 ad. It am told it was actually a 1956 ad.

Andy spotted and bought this 1956 CJ-5 ad on eBay. The jeep has an odd look about it. I think it’s the 1) skinny fenders, 2) thinner than normal hood and 3) odd grille. It makes it feel a little bit like some kind of CJ-4 (though the actual CJ-4 has flattish fenders). The headlights on the grille in the ad look more like 7″ headlights on an MB grille.

The Ad:

For comparison, a 1955 CJ-5:



6 Comments on “1956 CJ-5 Ad

  1. Terry

    It’s a retouched photo of a 3b, Willys did the same thing many times when they switched over from MB to CJ2 and again when they switched over from CJ 2a to CJ 3a sales .

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