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No Updates For Sunday

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I’m in Seattle for a few days helping my parents. Updates resume Monday.

“They Shall Not Grow Old” is the name of this unusual WWI documentary directed by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, etc) that’s being released to some theaters. It’s all made using restored/repair actual footage of WWI. They also employed professional lip readers in the hope of capturing the dialogue seen in the video clips. It’s all wound together with interviews of WWI soldiers in the 1960s/1970s.

Here’s a trailer for the movie:

And here’s a part that shows what the British troops though of German Soldiers:


5 Comments on “No Updates For Sunday

  1. JohnfromSC

    Just saw it tonight. Dave, thx so much for posting.

    Absolutely eye popping. All real footage. All narrative from WWI vets 50 years later. Not a trace of Hollywood. Movie is followed by a 30 min. story on how it was made.

    In Charlotte,NC run was extremely short, but 3 showings were 95% sold out today. Be sure to go online for days/times and don’t procrastinate.

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