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Walter M. Baumhofer’s Jeep Art

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UPDATE: Someone pointed me in the direction of this Walter Baumhofer CJ-3B calendar image (I can’t remember who, but please take credit in the comments).

There’ s no name associated with this one. At 16″ x 12″, it’s a little smaller than Emmett Watson’s “Jeepers” print. You can see more of Walter’s work over at the CJ-3B page.


Original Post (11/19/2018): Robin recently purchased this Walter M. Baumhofer illustration at an auction. It’s titled “Self Appreciation”. According to, Walter was one of the most prolific Adventure Pulp artists out there. Among other prolific pulp adventure artists mention in the article is Emmett Watson.

Funny how both Emmett’s illustration Jeepers and Walter’s image has two men, a jeep, a tent, a red blanket, and three bears. I find that a big coincidence.



8 Comments on “Walter M. Baumhofer’s Jeep Art

  1. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    Dave I like the the drawing. Looks like some of the bears that past through our land here in Colorado. The man in the picture may have started to shave and had to get something out of the tent. The drawing is a fun drawing.

  2. Lew

    This combination of men, blankets, tents, (insert some form of transportation here), wooden boxes with blank sides, and bears was a staple for Brown and Bigelow calendar advertising with arguably the most famous painters being Charles Russell and Philip Goodwin. If you google Goodwin’s work you will see quite a bit of this. The blank box sides allowed the purchasing vendor to add the name of his product on the box. Cream of Wheat, Nabisco, etc. Using the Jeep in these two was a more modern interpretation of the theme. I love these.

  3. Patrick Keane

    I let Dave know about this interesting print on eBay and then was outbid by him. Haha, no worries. I love my Emmett Watson copy and am hoping you may do the same with this print.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Sorry about that! If I’d known you were bidding on it, I would have stayed away.

    I have cleaned this one up and have redone it to match the size of the other. I’ll probably print a handful of them, but not probably not until early 2019.

    – Dave

  5. Tate

    The artists who did these paintings sure don’t seem to be overly creative. All of these paitings are pretty much the same.

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