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Little General Ride On Jeep on eBay

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This is a cardboard ride on jeep that was never opened. I imagine these jeeps didn’t last long. This particular package remains un opened. The seller has a pretty steep price on it.

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“UP for sale, I have a vintage 1960’s Little General Ride On Jeep. I can’t believe I have decided to sell this, as I have had it in my collection for over 20 years, and have never seen or heard of another. This is still mint sealed in it’s original bag package, which the package boost 2 toys, ride on Jeep and a free military poncho. Well guess what the poncho is part of the bag and you cut it out.

Toy was produced by General Box Co. of Illinois. The bag measures 40″long and about 13” wide. The toy was offered in the comic book ads of the 1960’s as a full ride on Jeep with a dress up military poncho. Who could forget those ads in the comic books? I remember wanting the Polaris Nuclear Submarine, but there were many others including a tank, spaceship and this here Jeep. They were all constructed of printed cardboard and companies like Honor House products seemed to advertise the heck out of these pieces at $4.98.

I have never seen a Polaris Nuclear Submarine in my 38 years of collecting, but I did see a X1 Spaceship years ago on Ebay for $3200. This Jeep is still sealed in bag that doubles as the poncho, bag does have some splits and tears that I have taken pictures of. The Jeep is constructed of cardboard and comes with 4 plastic wheels and metal axles. I would have loved to take this out of the package when I got it years ago and assemble it and frame the bag, but I just did not have the heart to do that, instead I hoped I would find another assembled one, but that never happened.

I can guarantee you will not see another one of these surfaces, at least not new in the package. Again this is out of my personal collection. This is being sold as is, as pictured, no returns. Please look at the pictures and judge it for yourself. ”

little-general-jeep-and-camoflauge-poncho3 little-general-jeep-and-camoflauge-poncho4 little-general-jeep-and-camoflauge-poncho5


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