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Odd Turkish(?) Video with a Jeep

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ModMike shared this odd video on Facebook that includes a CJ-2A. I finally tracked down a Youtube version. Can anyone explain it?


7 Comments on “Odd Turkish(?) Video with a Jeep

  1. Joseph G Angelino

    Could that Jeep be on a trailer? Seems 16 people in one little Jeep would make it really unstable traveling, particularly when the driver is moving the steering wheel all over the place – and it doesn’t seem to respond.

  2. Mike

    I think this is, (and what do I know) a very early style of film production similar to today’s music videos. The Jeep is actuly standing still with a pre-filmed backdrop, the entire production, most likely done in a studio. To give credence to my theory, look at the vehicles in the background, all American cars from the 1950’s. Notice the only movement from the people in the Jeep in from the steering movement of the drivers hands, just to make it look like he’s driving.

  3. Terry

    Not filmed in studio with backdrop , notice shadows as it moves and yes it is the Middle East , Turkey imported all kinds of American cars . My guess is it’s pulled by some kind of tow bar set up . Most shots of this kind in Hollywood the car is on a trailer , but this looks like it is not .

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