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No Updates Thursday

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Santa brought me the flu for Christmas Eve….. Thanks Santa! So, between that and helping my parents, I am taking another day off. We head back to Pasco for a few days, so I’ll be able to catch up at that time.


It was a different sort of Christmas this year, lol.

Mario shared this great article from 1943 on Facebook.


2 Comments on “No Updates Thursday

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Get well soon, Dave!
    Good point that article made in 1943 (thanks for sharing, Mario)… still holds true today. In every iteration of the Jeep brand I always look for signs of the original and view every “improvement” or comfort with jaded caution.

  2. John North Willys

    breaking news — I washed my jeep today — with WD-40 (water displacement formula 40 ) — bye bye rust — hello stink — pu — gives me a headache …

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