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1953 CJ-3A Colton, OR $15,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

Lots of updates on this Flattie that looks to be built for offroad adventure.

1953-cj3a-colton-or1 1953-cj3a-colton-or2

“I have decided to sale my Jeep I purchased with the sole purpose of running the Rubicon as it was on my bucket list. Which I did in 2016.
Below are most of the upgrades done to the Jeep to make it happen and a few pictures of the jeep on the trail. Since the Rubicon trip the jeep has pretty much sat in the garage and its time for it to make room for my next bucket list project. (Which is to rebuild my first new vehicle I purchased in 1980. A 1980 CJ7.)
Here are the stats:
1. 1953 CJ3a very little rust and surface only.
2. V6 Dauntless with distributor upgraded to electronic. The was professional rebuilt and only a few thousand on it since. Come bring a compression tester or use mine. This is a nice motor.
3. SM420 4 speed with the nice 7 to 1 granny first. Rebuilt but only had 50k on it when I purchased it.
4. Spicer 18 large bore case. Rebuilt when the tranny was installed
5. Warn overdrive. It works fine. I just need to attached the linkage
6. Front dana 25 with a Dana 27 Powerlock rebuilt and with extra clutch plates. (not a locker but close)
7. Rear Dana 44 also with a rebuilt Powerlock extra clutch plates this is basically a locker but still turns a corner fine.
8. Holbrook long leaf springs(~4″ lift) these springs work great. Google them if you are not familiar with them.
9. 11″ drum brakes from a Jeep Cherokee all 4 corners. (these work great but I would turn the drums)
10. 34×10.50/15 Swamper LTB. These tires do rub when off road and long term should be replaced. But they only have ~600 miles on them. Yes, I purchased them for the Rubicon for the ground clearance needed for that trail.
11. A best top Bikini top comes with it.
12. Warm Bellview 8000 pound winch. it works great and has a new cable on it. I purchased for the Rubicon. I used it once to pull a wrangler that broke his rear driveline. So its is great shape. I do need to fix the brake lever on the winch and will do so before the sale.
The paint is pretty good for the most part, the glass is good and the cloth top is about 12 years old but works fine. But the passenger plastic window does have a crack in it.

If you are “Serious” and interested in the jeep let me know your questions.
I have described this jeep accurately and can provide more pictures as requested.

Note: The picture of Mt Hood in the background was just before the Rubicon trip. I wanted to verify the carburetor would work well at higher elevations. And yes it did and it performed perfectly on the Rubicon.”


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