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1942 MB w/Trailer Ann Arbor, MI $15,000


This has 1700 HP?

“beautiful yellow factory refurbished jeep with trailer for sale. 1700 horse power. email for more details. from the world war 2 era”



6 Comments on “1942 MB w/Trailer Ann Arbor, MI $15,000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Great comments about this one on FaceBook.
    That 1700hp 4-cylinder has everyone’s attention. I’m amused that after 6 days it STILL says “VINATGE” (vin at ge? really?) Wrong trailer, wrong wheels (although cool for another project) and BRIGHT yellow: WOW… interesting 😉

  2. Joe in Mesa

    134 cubic inches is 2195.87 cc (2.2 liter)… so I’m still curious what that number represents, or what it’s a type-O of. The 1940s-50s 134L and 134F got around 60+/- hp. Interestingly, my 2018 turbo-charged 1.5 liter 4 cylinder Ecotec engine gets 170 hp (not 1700).

  3. Tracy

    I believe it a very rare one off prototype. Apparently at the time the Army was experimenting with paint colors and wheel alloys. They wanted to see which combinations made the most HP. Although the experiment was quite successful the US government decided it was to costly and not practical in combat situations. Or something like that.

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