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Beware the “William Cameron” Scam

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Mark alerted me to a scam by a guy named William Cameron. Mark said William called him up claiming he had an FC-150, just what Mark was looking to buy. All Mark had to do was wire him a down payment. Long story short, it was a scam.

It turns out William Cameron is a regular scam artist. He’s even been in jail for it, though no prison time. So, if he calls you, tell him to where he can go ….

Here’s what Mark wrote me:

“He calls, says he has exactly what you need. Sounds very old, but when googling him you find he is only in his 50’s. Same scam always for the most part and he has gone to jail for it. Tells you he can not take any pics. Tells you everything a buyer would ever want to hear. His price is dirt cheap and he says all he needs is a deposit and says you can send the rest later. All the while he is coughing and sounding very old and he says he is retiring to Arizona. Google his name or number along with the words “Craigslist scam” and you would see he has taken advantage of many people.”


One comment on “Beware the “William Cameron” Scam

  1. Frank

    You have to be careful out there. Some douche bag called me, might have been same guy. I didn’t even ask him what his name was. When ever something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

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