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David Tracy Compares a CJ-2A vs. a Roxor

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I went over to Seattle on Wednesday and back to Pasco on Thursday morning. Just one post today.

This seems like a good idea … David Tracy compares a CJ-2A to a Roxor. Which won? Check it out:


12 Comments on “David Tracy Compares a CJ-2A vs. a Roxor

  1. Mark Johnson

    I saw that. The 2A won however, they killed it when they sunk it. did you see the water poring out of the oil pan at the end? Omg. And don’t forget, You can drive the 2A to the trail head and the Roxor must be trailered. The Roxor proves however that the 2A design will not go away and is still a wanted vehicle.

  2. CraigInPa

    I think this proves that Willys got it right 70 years ago, and the Mahindra is just a flawed update.

    The stuff they subjected the Willys “beater” to eventually killed it. I expect the same result would occur had the subjected the Mahindra to the same abuse.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    This is pretty normal jeeping out here in the PNW. …. yeah, that was a surprising amount of water!

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Mike … I get where you’re coming from, but the reason I do not think it is a dumb comparison is that I’ve exchange emails with a couple folks who were trying to decide between the two (where you see apples and oranges, some folks just see two different apples). I’m sure there are many others out there, too. The question usually goes something like, “should I get something new like the Roxor or get something old like the Willys”.

    – Dave

  5. Mike

    I understand what you are saying Dave, but from my viewpoint, I either want to buy a NEW vehicle or a CLASSIC, the two are not the same.

  6. Hollis Wooldridge

    A more aggressive tire would have helped both of them in that terrain. I used to run a ’66 CJ-5 Tux Park through the national forests of East Texas around Huntsville on what we affectionately called “trail hikes” and the only thing that could keep up with me was a motorcycle. All the big mudder trucks were defeated when the trails got tight and the brush got dense. Nothing beats a Willys for its original purpose as a scout vehicle for all seasons. Their only drawback is not being able to keep up with highway speeds.

  7. keith

    I can’t believe Brandon let himself get dragged into that video. Both could benefit with a decent set of mud tires, but wow, talk about no articulation…

  8. Mark C

    Why a CJ2A? The thing looks just like my 73 CJ5, how about comparing those 2. Seems like the deck was stacked against the jeep.

  9. Paul

    Fun comparison. The base model is about 15,000. If you think about how much you put into an old Willys, one could be money ahead. Yes, I get the purest aspect. Secondly, roxors are street legal in some states. Boxed frames and essentially a jeep underneath, whats not to love. There are several builders and modifiers that have re- flashed the motor to get more hp, torgue and remove the electronic speed governor. There are builds on the web going on that are installing cj bodies on the Roxors. Lots of exciting stuff here and the aftermarket inventions will be endless.

  10. SteveK

    IMO, the flooding without proper prep was questionable in purpose. What I think was the biggest factor against the Roxor was the tire diameter. It appears to me to be a shorter tire than the Willys, which hurt the angle over test. Even with a longer wheelbase mentioned, it looked to me like with a same height tire, it would have cleared too. The diesel “clatter” recorded, is something I don’t like and can’t get used to. The video also ‘started’ showing water in the oil via the dipstick, so it appears from the start the plan was to ruin the Willys. 70 year old technology still keeping up with modern technology, if given a fair chance. I’m a DIY not BUY type, so I would prefer to rebuild a Willys “apple” over buying a “clattering orange” lol. But that is just the way I see it. Kool video.

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