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A Kaiser-Jeep Bolide XJ-002 Video

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I stumbled onto the below video of the Bolide XJ-002 after doing some searches based on the post related to the XJ-001. The video is part of a larger All-Par article (see more photos here).

Now I’m wondering if the Parmely body was based originally on this XJ-002 body design. The Parmley looks like it’s a little more practical, convertible version of the XJ-002.

Unlike the XJ-002, which was designed on a Jeepster Commando chassis, the XJ-001 was atop a CJ-5 chassis. The Parmely was also designed to fit a CJ-5 chassis, so its lines couldn’t be as long nor sleek as the XJ-002.

The video isn’t the most compelling piece of work, but it manages to record some unusual history. As of 2010, this vehicle was reportedly undergoing restoration.


5 Comments on “A Kaiser-Jeep Bolide XJ-002 Video

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Pretty cool! Of course it’d be great to get an update on the vehicle’s status/condition now.
    Interesting the designer used it as a daily driver for a few years (in Michigan?) when it has no doors… must have gotten cold and wet more than a few times.

  2. Scott

    Lucky to have it documented….awesome history and loved the music in the background. Gotta love the terra tires!

  3. dan kunz

    Hi — indeed it does predate most “SUVs”. originally it was called a “sport and utility vehicle” but not by the initials SUV which came later. it is still in restoration as we want everything as it was and from original suppliers if possible…we are about 98% there now but other personal factors have entered into the restoration process. it will be finished “as shown” at the NYC international auto show. dann dever (the designer and builder) did drive it in michigan for quite while…he was a viking without doors as the car never had a heater and only the most basic and necessary wiring!).

    i recently read an article recently about how hard it is to find concept/prototype cars. normally they are not sold and many that are sold just don’t run…showpieces only. the bolide xj002 was sold and was street used in multiple states and by numerous people before being found and restored for the very historic car it is….a piece of automotive history and corporate intrigue.

    we really hope to have it done in 2019 and shown in 2020. the first suv, the first kaiser-jeep built out of house and the last kaiser-jeep concept/prototype ever made.

    hope you enjoy it when it is done as, again, a full driver (gently this time!).

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