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A Kaiser-Jeep Bolide XJ-002 Video

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I stumbled onto the below video of the Bolide XJ-002 after doing some searches based on the post related to the XJ-001. The video is part of a larger All-Par article (see more photos here).

Now I’m wondering if the Parmely body was based originally on this XJ-002 body design. The Parmley looks like it’s a little more practical, convertible version of the XJ-002.

Unlike the XJ-002, which was designed on a Jeepster Commando chassis, the XJ-001 was atop a CJ-5 chassis. The Parmely was also designed to fit a CJ-5 chassis, so its lines couldn’t be as long nor sleek as the XJ-002.

The video isn’t the most compelling piece of work, but it manages to record some unusual history. As of 2010, this vehicle was reportedly undergoing restoration.


3 Comments on “A Kaiser-Jeep Bolide XJ-002 Video

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Pretty cool! Of course it’d be great to get an update on the vehicle’s status/condition now.
    Interesting the designer used it as a daily driver for a few years (in Michigan?) when it has no doors… must have gotten cold and wet more than a few times.

  2. Scott

    Lucky to have it documented….awesome history and loved the music in the background. Gotta love the terra tires!

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