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1954 CJ-3B Glenn Allen, VA $30,000


This has lots of updates. With all due respect to the builder, a “top notch” 3B ought to have, at the minimum, windshield wipers, more appropriate bumpers and no numbers on the side of the hood.

1954-cj3b-glenallen1 1954-cj3b-glenallen2 1954-cj3b-glenallen3

“This is as close to a new 1954 Jeep as you’ll ever get. Yes, I’m asking top price, but this is a top notch machine. I’ve built dozens of specialty vehicles, and I assure you this is built to the highest standards. I built it with simplicity and strength. It has fewer than 100 miles on it since the restoration, and has been trail and road tested. Includes:
• Small block Chevy 283
• Saturn overdrive
• Front and rear lockers, with lock out hubs on front
• 4-wheel disk brakes
• Upgraded steering
• Fully rebuilt drive train
• Boxed frame
• 9500 pound waterproof wench with remote
• New body, fenders, hood, seats, fuel tank, and summer canopy
• New wheels and tires
• Big aluminum radiator and high-flow Edlebrock water pump allows it to run cool even on the trail in the heat

I may also sell a Bantam trailer of the same vintage with the Jeep. The trailer is partly restored – all body work, cleaning, and painting is done. It needs new leaf springs, reassembled, and wired. $1500 as is, or $1000 is you also buy the Jeep.”


3 Comments on “1954 CJ-3B Glenn Allen, VA $30,000

  1. bob in pa

    Very nice looking jeep. Looks like a job well done

    But from my experience a 54 cj3b is not the vechile to put lots of time and money into if your looking to make a profit. A build like this would be cool to do for yourself but he’ll have a hard time getting 30 k for this. Same as the high priced one a couple posts below. When I’m driving one of my 54 cj3b’s around, I’m driving it cause I like the way it drives and looks and smells and everything else that comes along with driving a 64 year old jeep. Including my AAA membership.

  2. Matt

    I agree with Mr. Bob in PA. It looks really good, execution looks well thought out but for $30k? I don’t see it happening. Now, if it was restored bone-stock with PTO, 3pt lift *AND* some attachments, then I could maybe see something *close* to this asking price as a package deal but $30k is still a lot of money.

  3. Mike

    Right again Bob, 30 grand is going to be a hard sell. Back in NJ, 3B’s were never big sellers. Most dealers ended up selling 3B’s to local governments. My home town of Clifton, NJ bought one for the Dept. of Public Works. They used it to test the thickness of ice on the local ice skating pond. How did they do this you may ask? by driving the 3B across the ice. One day back in the early 1960’s I was there and watched the 3B sink into the pond. True story.

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