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1952 M-38A1 Hamilton, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $16,130.

Robin shared this one. The sellers will accept US Silver Eagles …. This is a “complete restoration”, one that did not include removing the body. One pic shows the transmission crossmember, which looks like it could use a good cleaning (at the very least).
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You can look long and hard and probably never find as nice a Willys M38A1 as ours, especially at this low an asking price with so much heavily invested into this restoration. We will consider partial trades, but not interested in anything in particular. We will accept partial to possibly full payment in US Silver Eagles, etc.
1952 Willys M38A1 Jeep Restoration Information:

With a complete restoration, short only of body removal which was not needed, this jeep has been restored to be a functionally perfect beautiful example of the venerable M38A1 with any parts needed, replaced with new items. The elderly previous owner had gone part way in restoring this M38A1 prior to our acquisition and our doing an extensive restoration to virtual show quality. The previous owner had done a partial restoration which included the electronic ignition, partial installation of new Painless brand wiring harness and fuse panel, engine transmission and drive train mechanical work (brakes, exhaust, seals, shocks, etc.)

Sub-frame and chassis:
Pressure washed and de-greased under carriage, drive train and floor pan. Found to be free of any significant rust. Only a couple of small areas were found and patches professionally welded in. Rust proof primer, paint and undercoat applied to prevent further rusting.

New carburetor , custom fabricated air cleaner assembly, new plugs, new electronic ignition, new distributor, new ignition coil.

Exterior: All dents removed. Only a couple of minor rusted areas which were cut out and replaced with welded patches. Minor surface rust areas were addressed by sandblasting. All areas primed and treated with rust proofing agent, prepped and painted with matte two stage paint. Sitting in the shop, the Willys has endured a couple of minor scratches, so I would rate the paint at 9.6 on 10 scale.

New Bestop canvas top with removable doors to which we have done a beautiful, custom camouflage paint job.

New OEM front and rear bumpers, fuel can and spare tire mount with new spare tire.

Front mounted heavy duty Mile Marker US winch with new cable and hand-held plug in controls.
Four corner original tie down rings.

Engine Compartment: All areas primed and treated with rust proofing agent, prepped and painted with matte two stage paint.

All electrical wiring replaced with modern Painless commercial wiring harness, including fuse circuit panel. All gauges and gauge lighting replaced with after-market modern gauges. New after-market LED headlights and turn signal lamps installed on front. Reverse light and led tail lights installed on rear. New LED dome interior light. New high beam indicator. New heater switch. New turn signal switch with indicator and four way hazards. New ignition switch. New headlight switch. New fuel gauge sending unit. New electric horn with horn button. Two new electric wiper motor assemblies with new arms and blades.

New brake shoes, springs, wheel cylinders and axle seals. New emergency brake shoe drum and cable assembly. Exhaust down pipe, muffler and tailpipe replaced by previous owner. Drive train seals, U-joints and bushings replaced by previous owner. New in-line fuel pump and filter.

Two new after-market front seats with custom fabricated framing. New rear seat with custom fabricated framing. New safety standard approved waist seat belts installed for four passengers. Safety standard approved roll bar assembly. Two cargo boxes fabricated by custom furniture maker mounted on each end of rear seat serves dual purpose of storage and as arm rests for rear seat passengers. New interior floor matting. New shift knobs. Dash and all interior body panels, including floor pan were prepped, treated with rust proof primer and finished with two stage matte paint and undercoating in appropriate areas only.


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