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1942 Slat MB Murrells Inlet, SC $12,000


UPDATE: My bad. The tub # was the gusset number, not the serial number. Matt indicates the tub was original to the chassis.

“I have slat grill 123271/ tub 23570 coming up for sale in the very near future. Lots of hard to find original parts. It has solid floors-poor patching in areas on the exterior. Comes with correct patch panels and crossmember. Incorrect motor with the correct trans and transfer case. Ran before being stored this fall. Was owned by a veteran who was making it a parade jeep. Comes with a full wiring harness from vintage wiring of main/canvas/ and loads of parts. I’ll be selling it to hopefully get my slat restored professionally”

1942-mb-slat-sc1 1942-mb-slat-sc2 1942-mb-slat-sc3 1942-mb-slat-sc4

1942-mb-slat-sc02 1942-mb-slat-sc01 1942-mb-slat-sc0


7 Comments on “1942 Slat MB Murrells Inlet, SC $12,000

  1. Craig in ME

    Not so sure that is a ‘later’ tub Dave. It has the WILLYS on the back, and the engine bay cowl seam is an overlap w/sharp bends as the early bodies had. The later slatgrilles also had gloveboxes. WILLYS embossed tubs weren’t available until recently, and this tub is definitely ‘old’.

  2. Matt

    Agree with Mr. Craig in ME. Yep.. Was going to say the same thing. Also not sure when the date cut-off is for Slat pancake air filter vs this canister type..

  3. Luis in South Texas

    Guys in the pics it has a glovebox which would be the later slat with the Willys embossed rear panel. ✌️

  4. David Eilers Post author

    I should have been more clear. The tub doesn’t appear to be original to the jeep (per his comment that the tub’s serial number was later than the chassis’ serial number … unless I’m interpreting that incorrectly?). I didn’t mean to imply that it was an aftermarket tub, but I could see how that could be easily read.

    Are we on the same page?

  5. Craig/Vermont

    I think the ‘Tub Number’ may refer to the body # on the toe board brace..(glove box door and serial # plate are missing)..Toe board brace/bracket # was different from frame and serial #…

  6. Dan

    Hi guys I’m the seller. The tub is original to the jeep (the number is the tub toe gusset stamp. It has the obvious poor patch panels but solid floors and lots of potential. I do have the original glove box door and tags. It has split seats,some early gauges. Loads of ec and tr20 bolts and many rare parts.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dan,

    I now see why I was confused. Craig explained it well. I thought the serial number of the body was 100,000 units off of the chassis, which was why I thought you included the body number.
    Sorry for any confusion. I’ll update the post.

    – Dave

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