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Milestone: Just hit 50,000+ Published Posts

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If you ever feel like there’s a lot of stuff on eWillys, you’d be correct. We’ve just passed the 50,000 post mark. This includes the fact that I’ve deleted roughly several thousand posts over the past few years as I try to clean up or eliminate old posts that have no value (such as those that lack photos) and mark others sold.

Side note: There are also 63,000+ comments and 6.5 million blocked spam comments since eWillys began.



20 Comments on “Milestone: Just hit 50,000+ Published Posts

  1. David

    Congratulations Dave! I enjoy looking at your site daily, and appreciate the extra mile you go with the posters you’ve created, trips you let us take with you, and all of the things I’ve learned about Willy’s from the comments on the ads.

  2. DPS

    Awesome accomplishment, David!! Browsing eWillys everyday is such a pleasure and a great break from the stress of work. We appreciate what you do!

  3. Ted Jordan

    Absolutely amazing Dave !!!! Been a huge fan from day one or soon there after , thanks for all you’ve done and all your hard work and time put into this amazing site!

  4. Tom in Paris

    Great work! I greatly appreciate all you do for us. EWillys is my breakfast companion almost every day, and is just about as essential as coffee and donuts. I have learned so much here. Thank you!

  5. Ill Chris

    Dave. Thanks to your website I have been able to build a 48 cj2a, like my dad owned back in the 70s with koenig half cab. It was the first vehicele I ever drove, and a “Lefty”. Look every day for a new project. Thanks for all the hard work.

  6. Matt

    Congrats Dave! Thanks for all the work that is put into this site. The first place i go every morning, coffee in hand..

  7. Nick M

    Congrats, Dave! Love eWillys, check it every day. We appreciate all that you do to make it such a great site. Best of luck on the next 50k. Ewillys or bust.

  8. Mark F.

    Way to go Dave! You have a great site and if I as closer to you I’d take you and your wife out to dinner out in the woods where you need a real Jeep to the dinner spot! Thank you for all the hard work you guys do making this site a must see everyday and you helped me with all the Jeeps I bought came from this site!

    Thank you Dave.

  9. Marty Tilford

    Congratulations Dave!!!! I too look forward to it every morning. So many cool posts and articles. Your work is very appreciated. Thanks for doing such a great job.

  10. Joe D

    What a fantastic accomplishment ! As a recent discover of ewillys, I’ve already become addicted & look forward to my morning fix each day. Your help to me & others is immeasurable & most appreciated.
    Joe D.

  11. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave…..again and again……thanks for everything you do. I would never have found my 1953 CJ3B out in Wyoming in 2013 if it was not for you and ewillys.

    And as others have said…..morning coffee and my pastry would never be the same without ewillys..


  12. Bill Garland

    Congratulations Dave on a great accomplishment with ewillys. It is my first stop every morning while having my coffee. I truly enjoyed my visit with you and Anne when you were in Carlisle this past summer and thanks again for the poster. Bill Garland

  13. Doug in Ohio

    Congratulations Dave! I cannot thank you enough for all the information and jeeps that you have on your site.You were the nudge I needed to revive my Gpw.It was great to meet you and Ann a few years back.

  14. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Everyone! The friendships made have been THE unexpected treasure of doing eWillys.

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