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1944 MB Maitland, FL $2200


Lacks an engine.

“I have my 1944 Flatfender willys jeep up for sale. No motor but i have the original transmission for it. body is in good shape. The restoration was started on it but never completed. I don’t have the title but i do have a clean vin plate and can put you in touch with the woman who has gotten titles for me for other cars before. Not interested in any trades.”

1944-mb-maitland-fl2 1944-mb-maitland-fl3 1944-mb-maitland-fl4


2 Comments on “1944 MB Maitland, FL $2200

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Someone has done significant sheet metal work, and it looks good from these pics. Interesting that it appears to have 2 driver’s seat. Definitely worth a look for someone in that area.

  2. DPS

    It’s always unsettling when the seller doesn’t have a title but implies that it’s simple to get one. If it’s easy, why not get it before selling and ask full price? Title issues can be a real nightmare, and made worse by the vehicle changing hands multiple times without the title being transferred properly. Been there—done that—no fun.

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