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Lighted Jeep Sign FC & CJ-5 **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Great sign.

“For your consideration selling with no reserve.. Used previously displayed 38×12 inch Jeep sign. Sign face is in excellent shape has only minor defects in the silk screen which may be visable in the pictures…Light source is a florescent bulb that runs off regular 110 voltage via 2 prong plug. Has a metal frame and wooden backing. Selling at no reserve. won’t be disappointed. Ships priority insured.”



11 Comments on “Lighted Jeep Sign FC & CJ-5 **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I don’t know. Based on the seller’s ebay-username (classiccarnsigns) I’d guess not.

  2. Matt

    The aluminum housing is the biggest giveaway, it should be a black steel case that is sloped in the back. The color of the jeeps should both be red like the top and bottom border. The big jeep logo in the middle should be highlighted in red instead of white. Also if you take a look at the vehicle details you can tell how crude of a job they did.. there are rectangular parking lights on the cj5, two odd looking hood latches, there are 3 lug nuts not evenly spaced on the FC. Many other little things that would stand out if placed next to an original. Its still not a bad looking sign to have in your garage but the seller should be noting that it was made it to resemble an original. And for how hard the originals are to find its not surprising that someone is trying to reproduce them as the originals fetch a pretty penny.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Matt.

    I do know that a few of these were made as giveaways at the FC Roundups. It could be one of those.

  4. Matt

    This seller has been making these signs and selling them about once every couple months for about a year now. He also made the “Jeep Parts Service” sign a few times. I might have to attend the next Roundup I wouldn’t mind getting one as a giveaway!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    ahhh .. Good to know!

    2020 is the last year of the Roundup, so there’s not much time left. I can’t go this year, but going next year is a priority for me. I can’ guarantee signs will be given away, but there are usually good donations made of all kinds as part of the raffles.

    – Dave

  6. Joe D

    A friend that has an original sign bought a repro at Carlisle. The repro is OK but it is much smaller dimensionally than the original. He indicated that the seller had several of these that he claimed he made.

  7. robert modley

    I actually have a original it has three fluorescent bulbs that changes colors. it is in original case and fair condition everything works as it should. would love to know what its worth? any ideas?????

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