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1942 Photos of Jeep Farm Tests

This series of photos was published June 14, 1942, in the Evening Star. There’s also a post from 2015 that includes some similar photos. Becky Bergmann in a Ford GP was featured in several.



1942-06-14-evening-star-jeep-test-photos5 1942-06-14-evening-star-jeep-test-photos3 1942-06-14-evening-star-jeep-test-photos2


Original Post — Feb 19, 2015:
We’ve seen some of these original press photos sold on eBay. Here’s an article that shows the photos in action. This May 27, 1942, article in the Spartanburg Herald, Spartanburg, South Carolina, featured the story.



1. This  press photo shows a woman named Becky Bergman from Atlanta, Georgia, stretched out in a Ford GP. She worked at the Agriculture Farm Tillage Laboratory in Auburn, Alabama.



2. Here’s Becky again petting a cow.
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1942-05-23-fordgp-auburn-al1 1942-05-23-fordgp-auburn-al2


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