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1956 Photo of Jeeps Outside the Reichstag

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This photo from eBay Germany shows a couple MP MBs/GPWs with some nice tops sitting outside the Berlin Reichstag.

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1956-photo-germany2 1956-photo-germany

“Arthur Grimm
Original Foto um 1956 zu einem mir unbekannten Film
Berliner Reichstag
Fotograf: Arthur Grimm
Shot: um 1956 – Abzug: um 1956
Silbergelatine auf Baryt-Papier
Blattmaß: 23,8 cm x 17,2 cm”



2 Comments on “1956 Photo of Jeeps Outside the Reichstag

  1. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    Nice to see the MP’s finally got metal tops on the radio Jeeps. I was in the Signal Corp in Berlin in The early 1950’s. We furnished the radio Jeeps to the MP’s and they had canvas tops then. Not too warm during Berlin Winters.

  2. Barry West

    This place took a beating as you can see from the photo. After seeing actual footage of it being hit during WWII, I’m surprised it made it thru it all. Love the tops and paint job. High profile and high visibility. Great photos of our guys and there tools.

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