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JP Magazine Article on a CJ-V35/U

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Mike’s 1950 CJ-V35/U was featured in a recent JP Magazine online article and will appear in print as well. He notes the article was very good overall, though there were a couple minor incorrect references.

Read it here:


CREDIT: JP Magazine & Jay Kopycinski. As you can see, MIke’s got a nice lineup of CJ-V35/Us.


7 Comments on “JP Magazine Article on a CJ-V35/U

  1. bob in pa

    Great job Mike. Never heard about this jeep before. Glad you were able to find everything you needed. 1000 Jeep’s made, just a handful left.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Mike brought all three to our AMVCC Military Vehicle Show last weekend in Tempe AZ. The middle one was being offered for sale and one WON 1st Place :-)!

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Bob, I should have said “one of the other 2 (a green one) won a 1st place!” I don’t recall asking price, however and can’t find the pic I took of it.

  4. Mike W

    I was out of town this week. The unrestored Jeep is for sale, the completed jeep the article focused on was the jeep that won an award. Thanks for the kind words.

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