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1943 Color Photo of Coast Guard Fire Fighting Group

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How about his neat 1943 photo from the National Air and Space Museum!


The photo’s caption: “View of four U. S. Coast Guard firefighters dressed in white asbestos suits with helmets and face plates, two riding in a jeep, the other two on the high pressure water pump and hose it is towing, jeep also carries carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, Hall PH-3 in right background, water in left background, 1943.”


2 Comments on “1943 Color Photo of Coast Guard Fire Fighting Group

  1. Barry West

    Now that’s a cool trailer! Stabilizer feet on the four corners. Fenders look like truck from that timeframe. Maybe dodge, heck could be a pre 46 Willys truck bed trailer. Makes you wonder if there are any out there available.

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