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1946 CJ-2A New Braunfels, TX $6500


Has some mods.


“Own a piece of United States History!
Are you a wanabe bad a$$ or the real thing? Thinking of getting a jeep so you look cool and wave at other jeep people? Please stop.

Dont get a jeep that’s a mall crawler and act like a bad a$$…. Be a real bad a$$ & get you the true, original jeep…….a 1946 Willys CJ2A Flatfender. If you cant handle a 3spd standard behind American v8 muscle, no power steering, no a/c, no heat, no frills, no nothin’ plain Jane, drive it anywhere with the wind up your shorts, cold when its cold and hot when its hot driving experience….then this isnt for you. Go visit Carvana and get a 4runner while you sip your 1/2 caf. double dip latte……

If you drink straight up black coffee with a touch of whiskey…you can handle this CJ2A.
If you pee outdoors regardless if there is an inside bathroom…you can handle this CJ2A.
If you eat your steak rare to medium…you can handle this CJ2A.
If you drink a full bodied American beer…….you can handle this CJ2A.
If you smoke Marlboro reds or Lucky Strike’s…….you can handle this CJ2A.
If you use a chainsaw because you like it…….you can handle this CJ2A.

All kidding aside….283 Chevy V8 & it runs great! Yes…its true…the original flathead 4 cylinder was swapped for a Chevy V8. It was done right and not a hack job. Has all the power you need or want. Fresh tune up to include new:
-Plug Wires
-Electric Fuel Pump
-Fuel Filters
Has No Points, swapped to Pertronix Electronic Ignition because most people dont know what points are, much less set them correctly.

New Brakes on all 4 corners. They are still drums and you need legs to push the pedal.

Edelbrock 600cfm carb. (manual & elec. choke….you choose), 5.38 gears, locker in rear, 34″ Swampers, Warn lock out hubs, dual exhaust, aux. electric fan, home made HD brush guard/ animal slayer, seat belts, bikini top, ammo can tool box.

Starts, Runs, Drives, Stops like it should.

Registered as an Antique vehicle, so no inspection and 5 yr plates.”


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