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Just a Few Posts Today

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Just a handful of posts today.

So, I’m supposed to fly out of Virginia on Thursday AND I’m flying standby (hey, it’s free). However, there’s one hitch. An unusually massive snow fall/blizzard hit the Pasco area (well, a good portion of Washington State), which has caused airport and interstate closures. Another heavy snow is supposed to arrive there today and additional snow will arrive Tuesday and Wednesday.

The question is, will I make it home if I leave Thursday? I can probably make it from Richmond to Minnesota (that’s my transfer point), but whether I can make it from there to Pasco remains to be seen, as the closed airports will likely force passengers to filled up subsequent flights.

I like the adventure of it, not knowing if I will get stranded in Minneapolis or not. Stay tuned!


9 Comments on “Just a Few Posts Today

  1. Marty Tilford

    The mall of America is next to the airport so if you have time you should go check it out. We go there every time we visit my wife’s family there. Tons to see.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Marty: If I can’t make the flight, I might just do that. I’ve never been to Mall of America.

    Tom: Oh, I can spend plenty of time just watching people (and updating eWillys). Airports are great for that.


    ok , I get it , your 6 volt willys overland jeep wont start in the cold weather , I can feel your pain , neither will mine ..

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Bob: Beside fixing some medical equipment and teaching her how to use some tools I have been painting the walls and ceiling is a staircase and associated landing space. It’s just high and awkward. I did a bunch of painting in college, so it’s nothing I haven’t done before.


    house painting ? sure why not ? remember when me and whats his name painted the San Francisco giants owners pool cabana and deck ? we were high as kites and then we found mr luries wet bar in the cabana , pictures on the wall of bob and president Reagan , bob and Nixon , bob and willy mays , bob and Orlando Cepeda , on and on , we drank all his stash , burp , did a pretty good paint job too …

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