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Civilian L-134 in Good Shape Wanted

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Carlos Lopez from Navarro, Spain, is seeking a civilian L-134 in good condition from someone willing to ship the engine to Spain. He’s rebuilding the very first MB-CJ3B built in Spain (Civvy L-134s were installed in the early ones He’s spent the past year looking around Spain for an engine, but has had no luck finding one. Based on an ebay example he sent me (that seller won’t ship internationally), he’s willing to pay a reasonable amount for the engine (of course he’ll foot the shipping).

It sounds like a worthy project. Email me at and I’ll provide his email.

Here are some pics of his jeep. He’s buying parts as he can.


carlos-mb-cj3b-3 carlos-mb-cj3b-2

If you are curious, here’s a restoration of another MB-CJ3B from 2008:



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