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Ramsey C7R Capstan Winch Brochure on eBay

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Given this brochure suggest the winch would fit on a DJ-3a, this must be post 1956. I didn’t realize the Ramsey was still advertising them so late.

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“Here I have an
Excellent Condition
Single-Sheet Mailer

The Ramsey C7R Capstan
CJ-5 CJ-6 CJ-3B CJ-2A ‘Jeep’ Universals and DJ-3A ‘Jeep’ Dispatcher
Measures about 8 ½ x 11 inches
Has been folded
Bulletin 141”




10 Comments on “Ramsey C7R Capstan Winch Brochure on eBay

  1. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    I remember all of the Jeep brochures and other advertising info we use to haul to the landfill at the end of the model year. Now people collect it. Jeep use to force you to buy a certain amount. That was like special tools you had to buy each year. Many tools the shop never used. I still have a tool (back in Kansas) to use to take off driveshaft yokes. I still have some of the brochures and parts books as well as some of the microfiche parts lists stashed away. Not for sale.

    I liked Jeep when AMC had it. They were good about honoring warranties. They use to have sales on surplus of parts. I bought a complete V6 dauntless engine for $100. Enough rambling.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Back in the 80s I did multiple surplus yard with CJ-2A, M-38A1, CJ-3A, and CJ-5 parts. I couldn’t give the stuff away. Kind of the same thing!

    – Dave

  3. Ted Jordan

    Although not as powerful as the PTO driven Ramsey and Koenig front winches, still a neat little factory option at a way cheaper cost than the Link Belt or Braiden Capstan Winches. They were cool in the fact that they could be used in conjunction with any of the rear PTO options and they even had an option to be used via a hand crank if you lost engine power. I sold one a few years back actually through Ewilly’s if I remember correctly!!! Thanks again Dave for all your hard work finding these cool pieces of original literature and related stuff

  4. Robert Mooler

    does anyone realize these capstan winches were made for HEMP ROPE ? ya , about 20 feet of it , not much good when stuck on THE BLACK BEAR ROAD above TELLURIDE ?

  5. Terry

    Wrong , the capstan winch can use any kind of rope and any length you want , a thousand feet if you have it . A super tool if you know how it works .

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