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Year? CJ-3B Solana Beach, CA $8700


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8700.

(01/28/2019) Powered by a Toyota 20r Engine.

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“The Jeep has been completely rebuilt. Receipts for the last 30+ years. The 20r engine is great for reliability and gas mileage. Perfect vehicle for cruising around the beach and town. The entire drivetrain was completely rebuilt, so no oil leaks, 5 brand new tires, new springs, steering arms, new Weber carburator, alternator, red top battery, has a winch, and real nice tow bar with wiring for plugging in the lights for towing, new brakes, new seats, inside all bedlined, all new wiring with turn signals, new windshield, new Best Top, new exhaust and headers, never needs a smog certificate, cheap to register and insure, tags paid thru 2020, and no rust! Own a piece of history.

These Willys were made really well with all steel construction and rugged design. Still cruisin’ after 70 years. Will your present vehicle be that amazing? Like an old Disneyland E ticket ride without the track. One of the best things is this vehicle will always go up in value, rather than down like what you are driving. Great investment and cheaper to maintain and operate. You will be in an Orange Jeep while everyone else is in a mandated black, grey, or white vehicle as the Hive Mentality dictates. You will be just about the only one on the road that at least LOOKS like he’s having fun? Or, just continue to be another brick in the wall clone, dressing up alike and following each other around. It’s your call.”


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