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Sponge Jeep(?)

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Mike shared this older photo of what could be a jeep ‘dressed’ in a sponge. Anyone know any history about it? The photo is supposed to be from 1964.



10 Comments on “Sponge Jeep(?)

  1. Mike

    When I came across this picture on facebook the other day, it jogged my memory. I think this was a early TV commercial for a New York City bank offering car loans, stating, “Is that old clunker soaking up your money like a sponge?” I believe it was an early forerunner and inspiration for the later Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust Back, “Any Car Loan” commercial that became legend in the metro NJ NYC area. I know a lot of you will say it’s photo shopped, this was long before photo shop, remember watching this on black & white TV back in the 60’s and commenting to my little sister, that’s a Jeep. The picture became very popular, being used in newspaper advertising. Some years later, when I got my driver’s license, I bought a Jeepster Commando that kept soaking up money like a sponge, and was constantly reminded of this commercial.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Great info/memory, Mike!
    I wonder if this indirectly inspired Sponge Bob Square Pants!? 🙂

  3. Mike

    Joe in Mesa, I think you mentioned some time back that you did, at one time, live in NJ, If I am correct in my assumption, do you remember those any car loan commercials?

  4. Joe in Mesa

    While I’ve been in and out of Jersey since 1980, I didn’t move there until 1997… and I don’t recall this commercial. But I do remember Crazy Eddy!
    BTW my house in Howell hasn’t sold yet… know anyone looking for a 2+ car man cave garage, no HOA, .9 acres with detached 4 bdrm house (under $280k)? Dave has all my contact info.


    I just thought of this , the sponge would save your jeep in an accident ? it would just bounce off another vehicle ?

  6. Craig/Vermont

    My Grandson agrees with Joe, He thinks it must be ‘Sponge Bob-Square Pants’ Grand father…

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