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Few Updates Tonight

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We have returned to Seattle for the next week. Dad landed back in the hospital and we are working through where to proceed from here. So, there may be some spotty updates the next few days.

Thanks to Mitch Carter for dropping by and joining the Eilers Clan Tuesday evening. There were many Wandering-Willys-Jeep-Club-old-member updates. We also laughed over some old jeep stories. Mitch plans to attend this year’s FC-Roundup for the first time. Depending on decisions related to Dad, Ann and I may also make a quick trip up from Tucson to attend on Saturday (we will be mostly down in Tucson visiting a military buddy of Ann’s she hasn’t seen since Khobar) .. stay tuned!

Here are Ann and Dad goofing around a little.


Me, I should know better than to snatch a quick nap when my evil wife is lurking with a camera.



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