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My ‘New’ Windup Toy Pumper Jeep

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A big thanks to Roger Martin for spotting this at an Ohio antique store and giving me first crack at it. He even wrangled 10% off the listed price. Neither Mitch Carter (who came by the hospital to visit dad — thanks Mitch) nor I nor Roger have ever seen one.

french-windup-fire-jeep-toy0 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy1 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy2 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy3 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy4



5 Comments on “My ‘New’ Windup Toy Pumper Jeep

  1. Roger Martin

    Dave. I actually got 15% discount on your toy. Everybody has been so excited about your toy I may just keep it here and you will have to come after it.. I went to the post office today to buy a prepaid box and they wanted about $28 for one box and about 20 for the other one. I asked the lady if I brought my own box what would it be and she said about 5 to $8 so I took it back home to get my own box. Dave do you want me to start a bidding war on your fire Jeep toy that way we won’t have to worry about paying the postage and I could get rich off your toy . Roger Martin southwest Ohio

  2. David Eilers Post author

    No to bidding war!!! 🙂 … please add tracking to the package. Many thanks!

  3. Roger

    Dave I got your Fire Jeep mailed with my own box it was $13 even she said my box made the toy weigh more that’s why it cost more. Its on it’s way and it’s got a tracking number that way I can track it down and get it back and keep it. Post office lady said you should have it by the 16th Saturday

  4. Jerry Huber

    Roger & Dave,
    Great prize you have found there. Very rare and in that condition with the box. Amazing Way to go Roger for keeping your eyes pealed for that beauty!

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