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All-purpose-Farm Implement

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This “Frangible Frame All-Purpose-Farm Implement 2” was filed by Albert H. Stockmar on September 5, 1945.

According to the patent, “The principal object of the present invention is to provide a composite agricultural machine which is capable in a single operation of performing a plurality of related functions such as cutting sta ks. listing beds, leveling beds, planting seed and placing fertilizer.

Another important object of the invention is to provide a composite agricultural machine of the type described wherein the supporting frame is constructed substantially entirely of welded metal tubing which may be relatively inexpensively produced and which will require a minimum of maintenance attention in operation.”

frangible-all-purpose-farm-implement1 frangible-all-purpose-farm-implement2


3 Comments on “All-purpose-Farm Implement

  1. Doug in Ohio

    Hard to see from the drawing how this implement would be lifted or depth adjusted.I wander if any were actually ever built and tested?

  2. Gordon West

    The inventor was pretty optimistic about the capability of a little Jeep to push that contraption around a field!

  3. Mark S.

    I think the general rule is “10HP per chisel”, and I see at least seven. Why would you want to drive over your newly cultivated field, I think pulled from the rear would make more sense.

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