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1948 Truck Sunderland, VT $8295

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Here’s another truck with the metalwork on the front bumper.×4-jeep/6843123854.html


“For sale – 1948 Willys pickup. Four wheel drive, 4 cylinder Willys Go Devil L head engine, 63HP, 6 volt electrical system, foot actuated push button start, 3 speed column shift, Timken rear axle, Warner T90 3 speed transmission. Patina body and paint-unrestored. Many new mechanical parts, including wiring harness, clutch, brakes, water pump, hoses, thermostat, 6 volt battery and more. Rebuilt starter. Five new 700-16 vintage-style tires from Miller Tire. Truck runs and drives well and is Vermont inspected through June.

Truck includes many surviving, rarely seen features including functioning Marvel Inverse Oiler, WO front grill guard and kerosene emergency flare. Only selling because we have too many projects – Scout and Jeep to be posted soon.”


5 Comments on “1948 Truck Sunderland, VT $8295

  1. Mike

    Those metal guards were always so cool, after a couple years and bends, they rusted and looked like you know what. A lot of newspaper delivery trucks in the NYC North Jersey area had these, looked like tanks rolling down the streets of NY. (NY Daily News NY Times)


    W=O=W — that’s almost identical to my 1948 model 4WD — though I noticed this has slightly earlier features — the red push buttons on the doors , later 48’s were white — the engine turned instrument panel , later in 48 they were painted , with black stripes — that gray body color is Potomac gray , same as my truck , original — i have never seen that type front W-O grille guard ? — looks home-made ?

  3. Brandon

    I just acquired a vintage Willy’s FC-150 at an estate and was curious if you may know anyone who would be interested. I know they can be quite collectible and expensive; however, I am not looking to maximize profit, but rather get it to a good home with someone who will appreciate it. Thank you!


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