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Auburn Machine Works Trencher Patent

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There are some great illustrations that accompanied this patent filed August 15, 1950, by Friedrich Schmidt on behalf of Auburn Machine Works.

According to the filing, “An object of this invention is to provide means for digging trenches particularly suitable for mounting on a conventional vehicle such as a truck or jeep without any substantial modification thereof and driven from the vehicle power take-01f. It is a related object to provide novel means coordinated with the digger portion of the device for enabling the vehicle to be advanced positively at a speed which is only a fraction of the normally obtainable minimum speed and with the engine operating at full rated R. P. M. I”









2 Comments on “Auburn Machine Works Trencher Patent

  1. Mike

    The detail in this illustration is amazing, the time it must of took to do this all manually, (pen & pencil)

    then this has to be reviewed by someone in the patent office who is knowledgeable. No wonder it takes so long to get a patent.

  2. rdjeep

    I would have liked to see the patent agents face when this was presented. What a contraption!

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