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Zamechatelno! & Meeting Russians’ Ads

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UPDATE: Mario shared this article on Facebook. The fact it mentions the term “Zamechatelno” and it’s translation (“swell”) made us both wonder if the article was the root of the subsequent WWII ad by Willys of the same name (shown below). 

The Zamechatelno ad was published three months later in the October 10, 1942, issue of Collier’s Magazine (and subsequently in the November 14, 1942, issue of the Saturday Evening Post).   Given Willys-Overland had to commission the work, ready the ad, then submit it for publishing, this timeline certainly suggests the new article could have been the reason for the ad’s creation.


Original Post July 11, 2010: A couple ads from Willy’s-Overland’s WWII ad campaign related to Russians. (You can see a list of all the Willys-Overland WWII ads published, with dates, in the Saturday Evening Post and Colliers).

Here’s another Ad with a Russian theme. This one was published in the August 18, 1942, issue of the Saturday Evening Post. I did not find a similar ad in Collier’s Magazine.


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