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Suzuki at the Mesa’s Cruise Night

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Joe spotted this rare 1971 Suzuki LJ10, also called a Brute IV, at Mesa, Arizona’s, Cruise Night. This looks in good shape. You can learn more about these vehicles at

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7 Comments on “Suzuki at the Mesa’s Cruise Night

  1. Blaine

    I’ve wanted one of these since I read a test article about the available 4-wheel drives in/about 1972 in an RV magazine. I liked the ones with the vertical style grille slots. But I have enough other toys now.

  2. Mark S.

    I had an American Import Left hand drive model that I bought used in Florida. I don’t like to admit it, being a Willys guy, but it was a very capable off-road vehicle. It had a 360 cc 2 cycle water cooled engine. It had plenty of power off-road (2 speed transfer case, I think), but not very good for highway use, about 45mph max. It was so light, you could easily get it unstuck with a little manpower. We would tip it on its side in the front yard to freak the neighbors out. I would definitely buy another one, but they are fairly rare and have gotten quite expensive for a good one.

  3. John North Willys

    i was hoping there was none of these left in the world ? this , the Nissan patrol , the Toyota landcruiser , all oriental JUNK , no place in the JEEPERS JAMBOREE for these oddballs ..

  4. HWooldridge

    I used to run the logging roads in the East Texas national forests (before they were closed to vehicles) along with some other off-road guys; the only three vehicles that could pretty much go anywhere were my CJ-5, a two-wheel drive VW bug with oversize tires – and a Suzuki LJ10. The trucks couldn’t negotiate the turns and mud holes.

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