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1950 CJ-V35/U Gilbert, AZ $5500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5500.

(09/15/2018) Mike’s selling this rare CJ-V35/U military CJ-3A.


“This is a very Rare 1950 Willys CJV35/U Waterproof radio Jeep. Only 1000 of these were built in may of 1950 for the USMC. This was the only Military Contract Willys Jeep between WW2 and Korea. Only a handful of these survive. These Jeeps started on the Willys line as CJ-3A’s but were converted at the Willys Factory for the USMC to include a deep water fording kit, waterproof underhood components and other improvements that would later end up on the M-38.

Included with this Jeep are many hard to find original parts. The Jeep is running and driving and has new brakes installed. This is S/N CJV-10824. The body is all original except the Hood. The Drivetrain is all original including the Vprefix engine that was only in this series of Jeeps. The Body is rough but restorable. The jeep runs, drives shifts and stops.

The following parts are included but may not be shown in the pictures: Data Plate Set, Original Headlight Rings, Original Generator mount that goes between the seats, Reproduction Radio spare parts box (Very Rare), Original Fuel Tank and Tool Box, 5 new Combat wheels with new 6.00×16″ NDT Military tires, Deep water Fording Kit, Carter YS 635 Waterproof carburetor, Crossover from carb to air cleaner, original air cleaner, radio noise suppressor, Antenna Bracket, Antenna base and antenna set, Original Waterproof Gauges including the speedometer. Also includes the vintage hard top if the buyer wants it. This was added later by someone and would not be correct for this jeep. There are other parts i will include as well for the right buyer. This will get you very far along in the process to restore a very rare Military Jeep. I also have tons of information and data on these jeeps and will help the buyer get on the right path to restoration. I have restored 2 of these but don’t have the desire to do a third hence selling this one. Contact me if interested and we can discuss. Clean AZ Title. Ready to go to a new home. Email me a phone number and i will contact you.”




10 Comments on “1950 CJ-V35/U Gilbert, AZ $5500

  1. Steve E.

    I didn’t know about these unique Jeeps until I saw one a few years ago owned by a guy visiting the Willys America Open House. I appreciated that the owner gave me a brief history lesson about these military Jeeps with a tailgate.

  2. Michael Wixom

    Everyone wants a restored one for 5500.00. I’m getting close to parting it out and making my other ones a little more rare…….

  3. Ben

    Just curious if this was still for sale. I’ve posted this a couple of times but it doesn’t show up like I have

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