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1954 M-170 Chester, MA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000.

(11/14/2018) It’s a project.

1954-m170-chester-ma1 1954-m170-chester-ma2 1954-m170-chester-ma3 1954-m170-chester-ma4

“Front bumper is mint, as is tailgate and all compartment doors and glove box. Hood is original with shovel brackets and straps. Air cleaner is original. There is sand built up along with some type of oil added to the under side of this M170. All hat channels are 100 percent rust free as are the floor pans and cross members. This Jeep is almost 100 % sound as far as frame and sheet metal goes. Ran great with carb leaking. Found the bowl was leaking and tried to rebuild carb, now it runs rough, but I have another carb to try.

This appears to have been civilized at some point with alternator and 12 volt system. I have been hunting down parts to return it to 24 volt, but these will be included and up to you if you wish to leave it 12 or go 24. Have a brand new wiring harness that was NOS. Bought a proper grill and headlight buckets. This is a once in a great while find, so don’t wait to long to come and see for your self. I will be advertising this nationally soon, so come and take a look, you will not be disappointed at all.

I was originally going to use the tub off of this one for a cj6 project, but its way to close to correct to do that to it, If your a collector, don’t let this one get past you. Not much to do to it. The drivers seat is correct, and I have the bottom of the passenger seat, but will have to remove that mess of metal off of it. No spare tire bracket, no tops, just what you see in the pictures. Steering is real easy on this as well and no play in the box.

Speedometer says 22XXX, not sure if that’s correct, but could be. Has dash plate intact, speedo is military, but other gauges are not. The F-134 runs good, the T90 transmission shift great and the transfer case work flawlessly. The hand brake is correct and works like a charm and stops the Jeep all by itself. The master cylinder has been removed, but never replaced. Whoever did it, did not take care with the lines, so some line replacement will be needed.

All this needs is a good cleaning and paint and a master cylinder. If you wanted to go all out and find the rest of the parts, like correct top etc, that’s up to you. I also have 3 correct rims for this, but no NDT tires and I will include those three rims. (not pictured)”


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  1. Terry

    Update says price dropped to $ 7500 , with so much wrong and missing , he needs to drop the price another 4 grand .

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