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Brook Stevens’ Command Cars

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During WWII Brook Stevens developed a couple different Command Car concepts. All the pics of these can be seen at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s site.

1. The first one is a 6×6 vehicle. It was made into an actual vehicle. I don’t know what happened to it. I’m pretty sure I have a press photo fo this vehicle somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. This very well could be on the same platform as other 6x6s of the era.

1943-05-07-command-car-jeep-concept-illustration 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior6 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior7 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior8

1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-exterior9 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-illustration1 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-illustration2 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior1 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior2 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior3 1943-07-command-car-jeep-concept-interior4

2. This Command Car concept vehicle is shorter than the one above. It seems more focused on carrying people rather than organizing and commanding them. What I thought was interesting about this is that the side seats and rear doors reminded me of a Traveller.1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration1 1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration2 1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration3 1943-08-command-car-jeep-small-version-illustration4


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    I need one of those to police my neighborhood , they never should have legalized heroin ..

  2. Christopher Doran

    The vehicle on which the concept was built was, in fact, a concept vehicle itself. The Willys MT-Tugg was that 6-wheeled vehicle. There were less than 20 made, and a few still exist. Despite appearing to be from the “jeep” lineage they share only a few pieces with the standard MB/GPW.

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