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1962 Military Vehicles Brochure

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UPDATE: Here’s the scanned version of this January 1961 military vehicles brochure, It highlights the M-38A1 and M-170.

1962-01-military-vehicles-brochure-flat1 1962-01-military-vehicles-brochure-flat2 1962-01-military-vehicles-brochure-flat3 1962-01-military-vehicles-brochure-flat4



6 Comments on “1962 Military Vehicles Brochure


    never seen that military vehicle brochure , I guess it was before the M series forward control military rigs came out ?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    That’s a good question. It would have been golden if it included all the M-67Xs!

  3. SteveK

    I find it interesting that this brochure and the one posted yesterday for 1956 only show the represented DJ3A as a “hardtop model”, not the open models and/or the Surrey in 1962???

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Steve, I didn’t understand that either. Perhaps Willys was seeing higher sales, especially commercial sales, for that model over the convertible or open topped versions?

  5. Mike

    Let me just comment on the DJ3A controversy, here in New Jersey, the hardtop DJ3A’s were the only ones ever seen. In 60 years of living in NJ, I had only seen only one soft top model.

  6. SteveK

    I can certainly see the advantage of a hard top enclosure in COLD climates over canvas covering. And while just ‘guessing”, without “advertising” how were people to know they were available? From the side, for most people they look like any other Flat Fender Low Hood until you look for levers and/or underneath the front. That said, I’m glad they weren’t “popular” and “plentiful”, as it makes our DJs more “special” to have survived, and to enjoy the “questioners”… “Where’s the front drive axle?” I would want the 1962 brochure if it showed a Half Top model to represent my 62 DJ, but I can’t find any, was my curiosity.

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